Date-Night Style Tips

I know the old adage: I’ve only got one chance to make a first impression. Well, that holds especially true on a first date with a new guy. Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant recommends wearing something “sexy, flirty, and fun.” Designer Marc Bouwer suggests not dressing too provocatively, though. “Don’t be afraid to show off your shape, just not in a very low-cut or bondage look,” he says. “I suggest a button down silk shirt paired with a pencil skirt or a sexy pair of jeans.”

And here are my Date-Night Style Tips inspired from Bryant and Bouwer’s style:


Your hair and makeup on a first date should be natural “with a touch of glamour”. I part my dry hair, and section it into thick parts. I use a 2-inch curling iron on each section from the middle to the end and a spray gel for hold. I allow the curling iron to set for a few seconds before moving on to the next section. Once finished, I softly run my fingers through the curls to achieve a soft, wavy look.


If my date asks me to watch a football game at the neighbourhood pub, I want to look the part while still maintaining my sense of style. Read: no oversized team jersey. A fabulous pair of jeans, great leather boots and a knit vest always work. They’re great for any occasion. A fitted sweater finished with a motorcycle jacket is a perfect look for a day date. If it’s cold, wear a draped scarf in a neutral colour softly tied at chest level.


I blow dry my hair straight, then part it to my favourite side and lightly twist the front pieces to the back of my head and secure with bobby pins. I pull out my bangs, if I have them, to frame my face and spray before securing the crown ponytail with an elastic band. I use a 2-inch curling iron to create natural curls.


If he asks me to meet him at an undisclosed location for our next romantic encounter, he may not realize that he’s leaving me in a fashion lurch. My best bet? The LBD. That little black dress always works. I can dress it up or down by bringing a medium-sized purse to keep a pair of flats and a more luxe pair of earrings so I can quickly update my look for the excursion. Bouwer advises wearing layers. A tailored jacket or vest is also great for the unexpected.


The intricate updo is delicate and exudes an aura of romance. I use a 1-inch curling iron on large sections of dry hair to create wavy curls. Once finished, I part my hair to my favourite side and pull curls back into a soft chignon and secure it with bobby pins. I then take the curls from the part, my temple, and my ear lobe, and then twist and pin them to the back. I also allow some curls to frame my face and hair spray to set and hold.


Getting the right fashion for the right date is easy as long as you are able to sense up your style. Be bold and fashionable!

Must-Know Tips to Measure Your Dating Strategies

Have you been on so many dates before? Have you already found the “right” guy or girl for you? If in case you haven’t, then maybe there is something wrong with your dating techniques and strategies.

Single women and sometimes men ask how to exactly meet the “right person” for them. It is basically a good thing to do, to start asking it either to yourself or to someone you really trust like your friends and family.


When it comes to dating and finding someone that you can be with maybe for the rest of your life or for a long time, it is not about where you go. It is all about your mindset when you are exactly right there. Does it make sense to you? It means you should think of yourself first before trying it out. You take off the focus on finding the right guy or gal and turn back to yourself. It can help builds self-esteem and in the end, can lead you to the right person for you.


So, as of this moment, we give you these basic and very helpful tips that you can learn in dating and how to improve your dating strategies from now on:


  1. It’s not all about looking for “Mr” or “Ms” Perfect. Yes, you’ve read it right. Do not try to meet men or women instantly. The first thing you need to do before entering the dating stage is to embrace and love yourself. When you successfully do that, that person will find you no matter what.


  1. See the opposite sex as a therapeutic tool. We recommend that you view men and women as your way to help build self-confidence. For example, when you are at a party, instead of focusing on searching in the crowd and be there to meet someone, make it an opportunity to observe them and practice interacting to both men and women. Using this way will make you more relaxed and confident in meeting someone.


  1. Always be open to new connections whenever and wherever you are. That’s right, you might not know what will happen whether you are in a shopping mall, café, bar or at a bookstore. Be your honest and confident self all the time wherever you are. Always where your best smile and relax.


  1. In this part, some men listen instead of talking. In most case, women tend to talk a lot when they get nervous in front of someone or in a date. I recommend that you stop wondering what your date is thinking about you and just relaxed. Instead of doing that, you should engage in the conversation when he started to talk to you. That way you and your date will later on exchange likes and common interests.


  1. Dress the part and be comfortable in your own skin. This goes out to all the single men and women who are in the dating stage. Wear something that is relaxing, comfortable but not too comfortable if you know what I mean (I’m talking about baggy shorts and shirts guys) and look descent that will make you ready to connect.


Do these tips make sense to you? Start changing your dating rules and strategies from now on dear guys and gals. Get out of your comfort zone and start mingling with others to experience something wonderful and magical. We look forward to seeing your comments about your dating experience below.

The Perfect Dating Venues for Single Men and Women This Year

Day by day there are so many people signing up in the online dating world looking for the right person to be with for a long time or to escape the “singlehood” instantly. Have you signed up to online dating sites already? If you haven’t, you are missing a big piece of excitement and adventure in your life.

Aside from signing up to numerous online dating sites, you may also want to check out some dating venues that can be perfect for single men and women to bond and find each other. The first date is one of the trickiest things to do but at least if you are already 21 and above, you can do the right moves on your own. Today we compiled a list of top dating venues that is perfect for first-time daters, first-time couples and even first-time in the dating world.


Flying High Up In the Sky


If you love adventure, this kind of dating venue is perfect for you. I am talking about riding hot air balloons. It isn’t cheap but it will surely impress your date and you’ll definitely enjoy it yourself too. There are dating couples who engage in this kind of venture while drinking champagne up the ground. Isn’t it romantic? If you haven’t tried it or you are afraid of heights, maybe you should check out other dating venues below.


Pub Date Are Always a Good Date


At least if the weather holds, you can hold hands while exchanging different thoughts about each other. It is a very different experience to most dating couples but I do believe everyone likes a good old-fashioned pub escapade, right? Nothing feels so good that having some drinks in a high-class chain pub with your common crowd and your date.


Walking and Sightseeing


Take your date to a place where you can spend more than an hour or so like visiting the Edinburgh Castle in London. It’s a great example for dating couples who likes sightseeing while walking and holding each other’s hands. It is so romantic just like in movies and for sure you two will enjoy the view and each other’s companion.


Say Yes to Adventure


Love to have a sporty type of date? If you can keep up with your date, then go ahead. You can try rock climbing, swimming, biking and mountain climbing when it is a nice day to do so. Sky-diving is also an option, but very pricey, and make sure they’ve got a head (and stomach) for heights first. These adventure dating venues are perfect for dating couples who share the same interests.


Foods and Dating All The Way


For foodie dating couples, taking him or her for a classy meal is hardly groundbreaking stuff but if you are a messy eater, you better not do when it is your first time dating that person. But if you’ve got acceptable table manners it can be a nice ice-breaker with a couple of glasses of wine, and, of course, it gives you the all-important easy conversations like asking your date how’s his or her day and just talking about each other’s day and compliment each other’s appearances. Sometimes it is great to be old-fashioned and the guys pick up the tab. Ladies a love guy who does it. But if you are on a tight budget, don’t force yourself with it. You can take her to a simple restaurant with delicious meals.


So, have you decided which dating venue you think is worth doing? If you have, don’t forget to spill us some comments below and share with us your first time dating experience too.

Hello and Welcome To ISSD

Hey there! I know you guys have been through this kind of scenario.

You met a girl in a bar. You had a suave entrance with your smooth dialogue and timely jokes. She does go for you, taking you up on her offer to go somewhere much more fun than where you are now. In another bar or outdoors, you talk about plenty of things about each other. This officially became your first date.

So you’re at a loss for moves. I’ll ask you, should you ask her to:

  1. Go further to other places?
  2. Consider the situation and ask to end the night?
  3. Spend time somewhere with more people.

If you answered A, well, she might just end up liking you because you’re bringing her to different places and you’re not making it memorable enough for her to ask you on a second date.

If you answered B, as long as you have some perfect dialogue and something mysterious going on with you, she’ll definitely ask you to go on a second date with her.

If you answered C, well, you’re not going to go anywhere.

So why is B the perfect answer for this little puzzle piece? Well, it’s because she realises that you recognise her safety, but you have shown your adventurous side. Women want a man who could go everywhere but recognises his own limits. She recognises you want to end the night well and you know you have a ‘next time’ with her.

But that’s not all that there is to it when you date.

To get to a second date, you’ve shown your adventurous, fun side. You’re still entertainment to her at this point. She may or may not take you seriously even if you ask her about many serious things. Women who are beautiful know more about this than anything else.

So, what’s the best approach, you might ask. Simple. Just be yourself.

The number-one problem with most guys going on dates is that they think it’s that easy. They think that when you do something and you go out and have fun with a woman, you’re definitely going to win her. It’s actually a Russian Roulette kind of game because she might just like you as a friend in the friendzone or she just doesn’t like things to go to the next level.

Most often, women who want to go on a second date often feel the following about men they see:

  • They’re interesting
  • They have a great smell
  • They have great confidence
  • They give them a feeling of security

All of these factors are highly important if you want to give them that feeling. Regardless of your smooth moves and appearance, you will lack something at some point and that’s when you realise that you do not exude any of these traits.

That’s what ISSD dating is for. That’s what we’ll advise you about. Because you have a chance to win any girl you like if you knew everything there is to know about dating!